Friday, November 28, 2008

Putting a Lid On It

Mystery is everywhere. This past week, mystery was visible in the kitchen drawer where I store lids to food containers.

I developed this system during the decade I reigned as Space Queen ("No mess too big, no job too small!").

Space Queen's rules relative to food containers: 1) lids and containers are stored separately in separate, preferably adjacent, drawers; and 2) any container without a lid gets tossed or recycled.

I've been following and advocating this system for years. Trust me, following rule #1 makes it easier to avoid having to follow through with rule #2. And so, imagine my mortification to discover I somehow ended up with three containers without proper lids. This simply doesn't happen in my kitchen. Where did they go? Are they hanging out in household limbo with the three single socks whose partners have also disappeared?

And three??? Cosmic!!! Clearly, I am not beyond spiritualizing just about everything.

No mystery there.


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