Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Striking the Set of Ordinary Time

The new liturgical year begins in four days and I'm getting ready by striking the set of Ordinary Time. Since Ordinary Time coincides with autumn, this means swooping all the miniature pumpkins, dried gourds, and silk leaves off my fireplace mantle. My cats' Halloween Boo! bowls are already washed and stashed away for next year.

Right after Thanksgiving, I'm yanking the fall foliage out of my not-to-be-sullied-by-fire fireplace and replacing it with pine boughs and holly branches. Evergreen garlands and wreaths will appear! The spicy scents of ginger, sandalwood, and cinnamon will give way to the evocative fragrances of frankincense, myrrh, and balsam.

On Sunday morning, I'll take the first of my Advent candles out of the freezer where they're stored for longer-lasting brighter burning, light the first violet taper, and peek behind the first door of the Advent calendar.

Enough fall. I'm ready for twenty-three days of yes.

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