Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Day is it Anyway?

Although Merry-Go-Round is probably a more accurate descriptor, time has been see-sawing for me these days. I'm keenly aware of this phenomenon for a number of reasons.

First, there are the conversations during which I'm gently reminded, "You know how you get when you're finishing a book manuscript." Ok, so my time awareness gets weird.

And then, there's Facebook.

Just as I got my Twitter addiction controlled, I was invited to join my high school reunion's group on Facebook. I joined and I participate. I participate a lot. Here's my excuse: I went to high school with funny, smart, talented, creative, generous, and funny people. They also call me by the nickname I had growing up. One even wrote, "Sorry but I cannot call you 'Meredith.'" Fine with me!

While some of us can't recall what we had for breakfast, we do remember luridly hilarious details about teachers, detention, the cafeteria, and other errata. Recently, some folks were musing about the cost of tickets to see Iron Butterfly at the Fillmore East ($4.00).

Because we're also sharing who we are today, time is skipping and tripping all over the place. Thus, I was more than a bit confuzzled to get email this afternoon from a relatively new friend who asked, "What are you doing for your anniversary tomorrow?"

My anniversary? What anniversary? Which anniversary? Time became a Tilt-a-Whirl as my brain raced through all the possibilities, but in the end I simply want to know: Is cake involved?


  1. Two questions...
    1) And the nickname is ______?
    2) Anniversary for __________?

    And that's the rest of the story....who used to say that?? Oh, it was Paul Harvey!

  2. Yes, well, quite a few people have contacted me via email to ask about the nickname. My response has been, "guess!"

    Turns out my friend though it was the anniversary of my baptism but she was off by a month.


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