Monday, February 2, 2009


I haven't put up any blog posts about my reactions to the current Vatican-generated mess relative to Catholic-Jewish relations.

For one thing, I'm barely managing my grief and fear-based nausea. For another, my favorite bloggers are writing what I'd write if I managed to manage my grief and fear-based nausea.

What could I possibly add to what they've written about the pernicious persistence of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism? Perhaps this:

I can't imagine the SSPX drek comes as any surprise to Jews who tend to view Anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism as church "business as usual." I wonder whether people in Christian-Jewish dialogue realize this mind-and-heart set prevails among Jews -- even for this convert, called to love Christ and serve the church.

Image: Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane by El Greco, c. 1590


  1. And now you have said what I have been unable to...

    What can one say? What can one do?

  2. Thanks for your posted comment. I'm getting a lot of email on the side. What to do? Pray to Almighty God and speak up to frail, failed humans.

  3. For what it is worth, I just reread Luke 19 and was reminded of something I wrote about it.

    Let the hierarchy do what it will - Jesus is going to be calling one and all down from the trees. He must dine with us all.

    We are sickened by what we see the revered do, but our savior comes along, on a donkey, eating with the outsiders and re-membering the real body.

    I hope this does not sound too insipid - it comes straight out of my broken heart.

  4. I find this all so disturbing. As someone who has been involved with local interfaith dialogue (leading Catholic and Jewish teens)it breaks my heart. A few years ago, I went with the young people, along with a priest and a rabbi, on a pilgrimage to Washington DC to visit the Holocaust Museum. You can't leave that place and then have doubts about what happened. You can't have doubts after listening to survivors speak about their experiences. You can't have doubts after reading testimonies!! Sadly, this is another scandal that will not go away soon.

  5. St. Edwards Blog: Insipid? Absolutely not.Clearly heartfelt.

    Anne: As you might imagine I've been underwhelmed by the Vatican's "the Pope didn't know" response. It sound so disturbingly historically familiar.


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