Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Scenes From My Garden


  1. Oh, Meredith! I love this post--and you! I know God does, too. The Almighty one must look forward to you posts as much as the rest of us.

    I am hoping you saved your prayer journals, and that a new book will be forthcoming. But I certainly understand if it might have been the tapestry for your father. As for Kitty paraphernalia(sp?) I am hoping in due season in your new home that some kittens will be joining you.

  2. These pictures reveal only a bit of the perennial gardens I've developed over the past nine years. It's a combination of pretty weeds (e.g., Queen Anne's Lace, chamomile, raspberry bushes) and lots of day lilies that bloom at different times and heights. I also have two Knockout Rose bushes -- gifts from the cats for Mother's Day, years ago.

  3. Lovely - all that's needed now is a nice chair, table and cup of tea. I'd buy your condo just for the view.


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