Friday, November 11, 2011


Occupy Advent? What the...?

Many wonderful insights and ideas emerge during Tuesday night's church social media (#ChSocM) chat on Twitter. #OccupyAdvent is one of them, created in real time by Lutheran pastor, Rev. David Hansen (@Rev_David) during our hour-long chat on October 25. 

Simply put, #OccupyAdvent emerged during a conversation about restoring the sacred to Advent and using social media to help make that happen. You can learn a bit more about that here

I, of course, am thrilled by this development. 

Advent, which begins on November 27, is my favorite liturgical season and #OccupyAdvent efforts have already shifted my energy. This Advent, instead of ranting about how it's not just pre-Christmas, I'm going to focus on what it is: a season of "yes," of joyful anticipation, of watchful waiting, of preparing heart and home.

Here are a visible practical ways you can join with others to make a stand for slowing down and simplifying during this sacred season:

On Facebook: Like Occupy Advent
On Twitter: Follow @OccupyAdvent and add #OccupyAdvent to content and conversation about sacred watching and waiting for the Lord. On Facebook and Twitter: Add the #OccupyAdvent twibbon to your avatar by clicking here.

As for me and my house, we will continue to serve the season by following the Magi on their journey to Bethlehem. I have no idea where they'll wander. Last I saw them, they were checking out the wedding venue.

I'm also considering a brief hiatus from active blogging so I can focus on writing of the book persuasion. Still chatting with the Almighty about that!


  1. Feels like trivializing an important movement in our culture -- but maybe that's just my feeling.

  2. Really not intended to trivialize the #Occupy movement but to acknowledge its power. I invite you to review the October 25 and November 11 #chsocm transcripts over at that site to see how the conversation unfolded.

  3. guess you had to be there -- but will that sense carry to others?

  4. With God's help and those of like-minded/hearted people, that sense will carry. Content on the Occupy Advent page at Facebook is pretty clear on the matter. We'll see what happens.

  5. Sorry--just sounds like more scolding to me. I will shop and be kind and courteous to those who's livelihood depend on me shopping.

  6. In recent years, Advent for me starts with good intentions and ends with me feeling like I could have savored it more. Like somehow I missed the opportunity to dwell in the thin space where Heaven and Earth meet in remembered expectation.

    This year I'm determined not to miss a moment.

    I love the reminders that accompany #OccupyAdvent and the opportunity via social media to share in this experience together.

    As we wait.

  7. @Ann, we certainly understand your concern -- it is one that we shared in starting this project. We have been very clear that we do not intend to trivialize the #Occupy the movement in any way, shape or form. In fact, we are in regular conversation with the Protest Chaplains, and use our platform to raise up the prayer concerns of those who are one the ground with movement. We invite you to join us in our regular prayers for the movement.

    @Joelle, sorry that we sound that way to you. I would hate to have you have write off the idea without really hearing to what is actually being said. What Meredith has said above fits very well everything that OccupyAdvent is about: "a season of "yes," of joyful anticipation, of watchful waiting, of preparing heart and home."

    But perhaps you are right. We are not going to say that guilt is a bad thing, and that Christians should not feel guilty for our support of the crass commercialism of our culture. That is not a statement condemning the support of local businesses, or those whose livelihood depends on commerce, but a condemnation of our culture's idolatry of commerce.

    A blog will go live this weekend at where these themese will be explored more fully. Join us in this conversation about the mystery of this holy season.

  8. I am with Brenda. Ready to savor Advent all the way to Christmas. Oh and there's a little irony in the suggestion that Advent is trivializing the "important movement" of Occupy Wall Street. What about the important movement that Advent represents? I wholeheartedly support both movements!

  9. I did not say Advent is trivial


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