Sunday, March 24, 2013

Face Palm Sunday

Holy Week Begins 
Consider what it's like 
for anyone raised Jewish. . .

Speaking and writing from experience? Holy Week generates quite a mash-up of emotions.


  1. I, who was not raised Jewish, but was, as the saying goes, "born that way," (mishpocha joke may be lost on some, I'm sorry) I face palm at the annual parish seders about to happen. Followed by the justifications offered for them. Oy.

  2. Uh, Fran? You know I published a widely-adopted haggadah for Christians, right? It's also teaching tool about Jewish roots and what cannot and should not be distorted by well-meaning Christians.

  3. Among my most powerful experiences of the Eucharist ever? Only Christian at a seder with a group of rabbinical students...

  4. That must have been amazing, Michelle. I have been to many seders, but with rabbinical students... you got me there.

  5. In my past life as a minister's wife I participated in many Seders which were well-meaning but which I realize now were almost exploitative of the Jewish faith. Fortunately, I have not come across this in my recent experience.

  6. Glad to see the exchange here about parish-based seders. If you use the search function to look at posts under "Come to the Table" you'll be able to read more about what I have to say about this practice.

    In short, I wrote Come to the Table because I was offended and dismayed by the triumphalism and supercessionist theology that pervaded most of these cobbled-together efforts.

    I'd like to think my seder haggadah for parish use addressed and corrected this. Indeed, creating it ended up being the foundation for writing Why is There a Menorah On the Altar? The Jewish Roots of Christian Worship.

  7. A man in our parish does not attend services in most of Lent and Holy Week. He is Jewish and Christian - but his memories of being beaten up every year in childhood and young adult years are strong - as well as being given all the sh** (literally) jobs as a sailor with the Navy.


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