Friday, February 22, 2008

Do 1099-ers Have Snow Days?

Snow day!!!
I work from a home office. What's the big whoop?

Like just about every other day at this time, I'm in my pajamas. My driveway may not be plowed, but I've already plowed through a virtual pile of email and read through my favorite blogs. My "To Do" list of billable work is in my face.

I'm listening to Mozart because, yes, it really does enhance productivity and don't try to tell me it doesn't. I'm typing with one cat on my lap, another peering out the window, and the third one wandering around in search of some place carpeted to hack up a hairball. I'm worrying about how and when I'll get over to Ruth's. So how is today different from all other days?

It isn't. But it is. The day is soft, quiet, and dim with still-falling snow, which feels like grace. I find grace more believable than magic. Psalm 118:24 and all that.

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