Saturday, March 15, 2008

I've posted a poll.

Peeps or Bunnies?
You don't have to be registered to vote!
And, you may vote in more than one category.


  1. So glad I have kids, os I have a good escuse to buy them, and I better have grandkids quickly after they've all flown the nest, cuz I need my chocolate bunny!

  2. I'm for bunnies, solid if possible!

    But on the latest "Secret Life of ..." episode (on FoodTV), George Duran solved this dilemma once and for all. Taking his cue from the infamous TurDucken, George cut a slit in the bottom of a Peep, inserted a jelly bean, bored a hole in the base of a HUGE hollow chocolate bunny and stuffed the Peep in it!


  3. OMG, too too funny. Hope the Peep was yellow!


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