Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scenes from Suburbia

Like a kid trying to wait up all night for Santa Claus, that's how excited I was on Wednesday night. Not that I ever believed in Santa...and not just because I was raised Jewish. Many other parts of the Santa story strained my credulity.

I digress; back to me last night.

I was brimming with overwrought anticipation...and not just because I'm prepping to move out-of-state. For years I've been desperate to escape Suburban Captivity. Now reconciled to the reality that I'll never afford Manhattan, I've chosen another city to resume urban living.

Again, I digress; back to me last night.

So tempted was I to spend the night perched on the garage stairs. Recycling pick-up is Friday and having missed the previous one a couple of weeks ago, easily one third of my garage is currently occupied by buckets of recyclable paper, plastic, and bottles. According to condo association rules, I may haul everything curbside on Thursday evening. Who wouldn't be excited by Wednesday night? (NNTA)

In fact, if it wouldn't cheese off the neighbors, I'd start schlepping stuff right now. Yes, I am that excited. Santa Claus? Feh.


  1. Thrilling! What we need is a bunch of songs for Recyling Eve.

    Oh, cardboard box, oh cardboard box.
    I've folded you so nicely.
    Oh, bottles, jars, and cans galore,
    I've rinsed you once and twice-ly.

    So festive.

  2. Great idea, Regina!

    Out to the curb, the truck is come
    let earth receive our things
    the wonder of
    the chores we do for love
    let heaven and nature sing
    let heaven and nature sing
    let heaven and nature
    and nature sing!

    PS Dear Meredith, will you reveal which city you have chosen for renewed urban living and when you will depart for thence?

  3. OK I'm in!

    Cans and Jars
    Cans and Jars
    Cans and magazines
    Oh what fun it is to shclepp
    Crap down to the street
    Cans and Jars
    Cans and Jars
    Cardboard, plastic junk
    Oh what fun it is to sort
    Recycling's really neat!!!

    Now, please no songs about toilet flushing and garbage disposals (OK?)

  4. Oh my talented and clever friends! You are fearfully wonderfully made and I am blessed to have you in my life and revealing your gifts on my blog.

  5. OK, reading backwards and learning more...

  6. I want in, too!!

    O come, all ye faithful,
    Piles of junk and treasure!
    O come ye, O come ye
    To Mer-e-dith’s curb!
    Depart from the basement!
    She no longer needs you.

    O come let us adore ye,
    Ye piles of junk and treasure!
    O come let us adore ye,
    Mer-e-dith’s stuff!


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