Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fit for 50 (with Darrell Green)

Fit for 50 with Darrell Green ─ now there's a headline you probably never expected to see from me! Indeed, I didn't even know from Darrell Green until last month. Dare to talk football around me and I'll ask, "Is that the game with the pointy ball or the little round one?" Guaranteed crowd-groaner.

These days, I know about Darrell Green.

I signed up for the online fitness program Fitfor50 last month, never expecting to be charmed by the wit and humor of Darrell Green. Nor did I expect to eventually be tapped to write content for the program's Playbook. Talk about motivators ─ kind of difficult to ignore tips for health and fitness if I write them.*

So now I flip out if I don't wear my pedometer from the moment I hop out of bed each morning. This commitment presents technical difficulties some days, if you catch my drift.

I added brown basmati rice ─ I'm such an overachiever ─ to my list of preferred grains after learning about counting grams of fiber.

In the past two weeks, I've made it down ─ often walking ─ 10 flights of stairs to my building's fitness center to workout. I don't do this every day, but a lot more since starting Fitfor50.

Before eating my BMI in lox at Yom Kippur's break-the-fast, I'd lost two pounds.

Before this program ends, I'm hoping to be in the groove of exercise, looking buff and eating smarter. I'm also hoping this gig includes meeting Darrell Green. I'm sure he'd have a snappy riposte to my line about the pointy ball.

Note: It's Day 13 of Fitfor50, but you can start this adventure any time by going to Inova Health System's Fitfor50 site. You don't have to be age 50!

* No, I am not being paid to write a post about this program. Heck, it doesn't even count as billable time. Furthermore, no boss-of-me at Inova has read this in advance, proving that I am either very smart or very stupid but have integrity.


  1. I received my pedometer in today's mail!
    I'm so excited.
    Thanks Merry!

  2. I just received mt pedometer. I'm so excited!
    Thanks Merry!


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