Monday, January 31, 2011

I procure The Last Supper...

Look what I found!*

God is so very good about sending signs and symbols to illuminate the ongoing mystery of (my) life.

This past weekend, I managed my anxiety about reviewing the 2nd proof of Come to the Table: A Passover Seder for Parish Use by wandering through Value Thrift store. (Truth to tell, I wander through that shop weekly whether or not I have a book in production.)

I found this fabulous clock on my third stroll through the shop. Total beshert and only $6. Can't make this stuff up, that's for sure.

* A most excellent visit to Value Thrift on York Avenue in Baltimore, MD.


  1. That is so brilliant!
    I hate you because you now own it and I don't :-)

  2. You are even more adoreable than the clock! This photo brightened a snowy day.

  3. Love this!! Does it keep time, or is it only right twice a day?

    Just here from MP's.

  4. I expect it's right only once a year, Susie Sue - on Maundy Thursday.

  5. It's right all the time, except 10 minutes faster so that I always save time and am on time. Yes, it works that way!

  6. OMG, It's to die for, you should pardon the expression.

  7. Great find and possibly a very hospitable rest stop for the Magi!!

  8. Oh, wow, is that amazing. I love it. I wish I'd found it, but then, I have no space in my tiny apatment for it. Thank you for giving me a much-needed laugh this morning.


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