Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interfaith Reconciliation Takes a Step...

Interfaith Reconciliation
takes a step
forward or back or both.

I can find five (5) things that are
beyond wrong
with this product and its promotion.
How many can you find?


  1. I saw this ad on a Seattle street the other day and shook my head. "Bagel thin"? But no mention if it's really a bagel... and how many people out in the West would recognize the word "shmear" I'm not sure. Eh. Bagels here tend to be way too big and way too doughy. I think I need a trip East.

  2. I'm not an authority on anything Jewish, but I AM an authority on having lost 30 pounds and continuing to vacillate between wanting to eat mucho carbs and chocolate because life is short/stressful/difficult and wanting to eat less and lose another five pounds and the muffin top....

    225 calories? LIGHT? I don't think so. A Thomas's bagel thin is 110 calories at the super market. A western alternative low carb bagel (that's not thin) is also 110 calories. Those thin buns made by various makers tend to be 100 calories.

    You can get nonfat cream cheese for around 30 calories a serving--not especially flavorful, but a lower fat cream cheese still isn't an extra 105 calories in a light schmear either in fat OR in quantity so I am so not getting the market for these 225 calories. I could go lighter with around 150 at home for cheaper using supermarket products. Hello....

  3. As you know, I commented on FB. Shmear? Thin? Oy. My keppie is still exploding from this drek.

  4. Business travel in the late 1990s had me spending nights in a hotel in Elizabethtown, KY, which was about 45 minutes south of Louisville, and near Fort Knox. (Fort Knox houses not just the US gold depository. It's a large post which includes the Armor School, basic training, and US Army Recruiting Command, which was my client.) On the way from the hotel to Fort Knox was a store that baked bagels. "Oh, boy, I thought, I can get a bagel and a shmear on the way to the post!" They had plain, and wheat, and onion..but also to my dismay blueberry and jalapeno. Even more disappointing, the bagels were squishy. Bagels are not supposed to be squishy. Nor are they by any means meant to be "thin."

  5. What would make this even "wronger" is if they made these cracker-bagels in the aberation flavors cranberry, blueberry or chocolate chip.

    And where does the lox, bermuda onion and cucumber go on this thing?

  6. So very proud of my friends for picking up on most of the errors in this crime against bagel nature. My 5 were:
    - bagel thin is an oxymoron
    - light shmear (sic)is not only spelled wrong but also an oxymoron
    - honey whole wheat bagels? Oy
    - bagels are not "fresh baked"
    - The pinkish tone on the so-called schmear looked suspiciously like something w/berries rather than lox spread--as God intended.

  7. I took this to be an ad (maybe it isn't???). Here are the things that came to mind first...

    - no brand ID
    - no call-to-action

  8. Yes, Steve, it's an ad and let's face it, anyone who'd imagine a bagel "thin" with a "light" shmear is unlikely to come up with an appropriate call to action!


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