Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quote du Jour (Faith Department)

Bryan Cones, Managing Editor at U.S. Catholic has been on quite the roll lately about what it means to be Catholic in the "here comes everybody" tradition. I loved his January editorial, "Dig in: What it means to be Catholic," in which he invites us to celebrate diversity among Catholics. And I love this quote from his February editorial, "Change we can believe in":

Ours would be a brittle doctrine indeed if it could not respond to the needs of people in danger, and our faith is on shaky ground if it can't survive a certain amount of modification, reevaluation, and even the occasional about-face. We would all be better served by a thoughtful, theologicaland even papalacknowledgment that, as a pilgrim people, our grasp of the truth is conditioned by time and circumstance.

Bryan Cones

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