Friday, March 18, 2011

Purim: When I Was Queen

Although I believe these images require no explanation, I still feel compelled to mention: 

Here's me, costumed as Queen Esther for a Purim festival at the synagogue of my childhood. Please note: these are not pictures of my First Holy Communion.

These pictures were taken only two years apart. Please note: Queen Esther eventually matures into being regal instead of a campy vamp.

My mother made the royal wear and gear. Please note: Same blue sheet, different ornamentation and accessories. I'm wearing peep-toe shoes at age 10.

There you have it, nearly the whole megillah! (Follow the previous link for an audio file of Megillat Ester).


  1. Uh, I believe you meant to post, "Wow, your Royal Highness and Savior of your people."

  2. You know, some things just get lost in translation!

  3. One Night with the King is my favorite movie. So should have been YOU. Now we know.

  4. Love this post - just taught Queen Esther to about 160 kids this past Sunday....we celebrated 'finally a girl hero of the OT Day'

  5. The young Meredith/Esther looks sweeter than a hamentaschen!


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