Tuesday, March 15, 2011

St. Patrick's Day & Shameless Self Promotion

Long before I decided to tidy up my own act, I was appalled by how St. Patrick's Day had become a National Holiday for Drinking Alcoholically.

For some, this is only one day of foolishness. On or around St. Patrick's day they drink too much, act like jerks, puke out their guts and that's the end of it. For others, it's yet another day in an endless string of days that involve abusing alcohol and other substances. For still others, it's a day that marks the progression of this pernicious disease of body, mind and spirit.

Me? I'm hoping it's a day that will inspire more people to buy my Hazelden title, Staying Sober: Tips for Working a Twelve Step Program of Recovery for themselves or loved one(s). I wrote this book many years ago as a corrective to the utterly grim and dull "Conference Approved" literature. Nothing funny about addiction but that doesn't mean we can't laugh to and through recovery.


  1. Thanks for this Meredith. Here in Albany, there was a huge alcohol fueled riot. Thanks to FB and Twitter, hundreds of college students were called to turn an otherwise relatively quiet neighborhood upside down in the name of an early St. Pat's celebration. And then of course, in their altered states, many of them taped the cars being rolled over and TVs being dropped from second floors and posted them.

    Needless to say, many arrests have been made. I was just so saddened that once again, a fine saint's day has been coopted.

    Thank you Meredith for your honesty and courage. And self promotion!

  2. Meredith,

    I agree that it's sad that St. Patrick's holiday/ HOLY day has been co-opted in this way. Not that I'm somehow "above" getting a little giggly on a second glass of wine on occasion, but I've never really understood this type of phenomenon.

    It's just so unpleasant!

  3. As an Army sergeant I could never understand how green clothes and drinking could EVER be linked. ;-)

    Keep up the good fight Meredith.


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