Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vatican Blogger Meet-Up Convenes & Concludes

Well, the big meet-up for Roman Catholic* bloggers happened on Monday, May 2. Thanks to Twitter (and Tweetdeck and Tweetchat) I was able to follow lots of what was discussed and meet some like-hearted pals in the process.

Yes, I have thoughts and opinions, some of which I shared, real time, in the public Twitter stream. Remember, if you will, that my "lively" commentary on all things church is informed not only by my Jewish upbringing but also my training in Sociology. Truth to tell, Dr. Gould is still processing data. After all, I did write a book about church communications! (The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today.)

Dr. Ironic Catholic, who attended #VBM11 in real life (rather than virtually) has swiftly rolled out her always-insightful, always-wise commentary about what went on. Read it here: Reflections on the Vatican Blogmeet.

Note: It's very long and because of the formatting, looks extraordinarily dense. Read it anyway! Really.  Read it. All of it...might be on the final exam.

* Ever notice how I usually take care to modify the word "Catholic" with Roman? That's because there are lots of other Catholic communions. This too shall be on the final exam.

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