Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mozart, Now Providing Night Music!

Making an Appearance

After Thelma, Louise and Itty Bit died last year, I was absolutely sure I was done with the cat thing. Thank God for friends who minimized the snickering while maximizing support for this temporary delusion.

Several events helped bring me to my senses, primarily the realization there's no way I could ever write another book without a cat to shove everything off my desk and leave nose prints on computer screens during the process.

So we adopted a cat from BARCS, a local shelter that takes in many thousands of lost and abandoned animals each year. Mozart is about 16 months old. His short dense coat, which looks and feels like velvet, doesn't seem to shed...that much. He's a wonderful combination of affectionate and mischievous. 

Can't say, "Let the fun begin" because it already has. And it's a darn good thing that I, too, am a nocturnal animal.



  1. Mozart sounds so much like Miss Kitty (short black dense fur, affectionate and mischievous even for a no-longer-kitten aged cat - and she adopted us after our three pets all died at about the same time, too. The short dense fur will rub off on your clean laundry, though, when he decides to sleep in it all day. So glad you've got a kitty to love and help you work!

    wv: hicat. I kid you not.

  2. I'm so glad to see that Mozart found you; I believe our animals always find us. And night music, always the best kind.

  3. What a handsome fellow! And I am glad to hear that his presence in your life will incite another book!

  4. Not sure my comment registered. Welcome to Mozart, a very handsome cat. I am glad to hear he is also a muse! Here is to cats and books!

  5. Almost a year after my cat Bob died, I too have a new feline in my life. Like Mozart and Miss Kitty, my Mrs. Peel is black! I am working on a conspiracy theory...
    Congratulations, Meredith.
    And as always, I love your blog!

    Blessings, Laurel


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