Thursday, June 2, 2011

Quote du Jour (Religion Department)

This cri de coeur is from Reverend Brian Merritt, Senior Minister at The Palisades Community Church in Washington, DC.  His fierce faith, wicked good humor and creativity is a constant source of thought and joy. I met him via Twitter and then, many months later, had the privilege of meeting him in person. This quote appears at the end of his post, "I A) Hate B) Love the Church" recently appearing on his blog, Shekinah Glory.

So, I will continue upon this road until my God diverts my path. I contain within me an immense anger with the church’s wicked, slothful and wasteful use of people and resources. I hate to see people’s excitement, joy and energy being sapped by petty and dying gasps.

Still, I am a part of this body, this organism that claims to value life. It is a group that yearns for love, mercy, justice, peace and freedom as an outgrowth of that life that they have found. More often than I am willing to admit it is this same church whose members rescue my faith and me numerous times. If these saints can show me mercy what then is my excuse?

─   Rev. Brian Merritt


  1. Love this Meredith! As I say to our RCIA folk each year, 'Welcome to our large dysfunctional family'.

  2. "If these saints can show me mercy what then is my excuse?" Love it!

    Another priest friend of mine is fond of saying (and reminding himself) that "We are crucified to the Church...and the Church is crucified to us". Sentiments I regularly remind myself of when I start to get all "Holier than Thou on others...or this crazy, beautiful Body of Christ.


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