Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wedding: Marriage Prep Begins

We begin our first of six marriage prep sessions this Wednesday and I think I'd rather be playing pinochle with the ladies. Despite my enthusiastic burbling about the psych-spiritual value of this pre-marital inquiry, I have a list of topics that are none of the church's beeswax. 

Like what? NYBW, either.

It's stuff I'll be discussing with my fiancĂ©, @RevWeb who, before he became an Episcopal priest, was a quasi-normal human being. Just the other day I said, "You know I'm not the least bit impressed with the fact that you're a priest, right?"  He got a big delighted and relieved grin on this face, thus underscoring yet another reason I love this guy.

RevWeb thinks we'll be talking about our individual and shared theology of marriage during these sessions. Really? Uh...okay, but haven't we already discussed that entre nous? We have to trot it out for ecclesial review?


May as well go completely public with mine:
  1. Hierarchy of Attention: God, me, you.  Unless I stay focused on God, there ain't no "me" worth marrying. Unless I stay true to me, I cannot fully love, honor, and cherish you.
  2. Keep the Miracle at Cana Reversed: No matter what the circumstances, commit to drinking filthy foot-washing water if necessary. Marriage cannot thrive if anyone is drunk on wine or other alcoholic potables.
  3. Micah 6:8: Act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with God.
Can hardly wait to discuss the liturgy. I understand that's on the agenda for the sixth and final session. Maybe we'll get to fast forward  sooner rather than later?


    1. Loving this:) All good wishes and prayers to both of you.

    2. Love it. thanks for sharing. Congrats.

    3. I am loving this journey "we" are on. I say this as I smile.

      Lord have mercy!

    4. Hmmmm...sounds like you should be leading these sessions. Especiall love #1 - you really 'get it' - love your neighbor as yourself. If you don't love yourself, how can you love anyone else? Well said Meredith! Many prayers and good wishes sent to you both.

    5. I hear another book coming: Preparing for Your Wedding When You've Finally Gotten It Right.

      word verification: curat
      I swear they are watching...


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