Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding: Name Tag! You're...Who?

Someone else is welcome to organize a business card drawing for our wedding reception (really a coffee hour) and supply the raffle prize. I'm currently contemplating name tags.

In the continuing spirit of crowd-sourcing decisions, I used social media to post a request for thoughts on the matter. Within seconds someone tweeted,
"I like the name tags idea at your wedding. Helps break the ice; perhaps set tone of inclusive celebration."  
That's what I thought.

Really, how many times do you walk into a wedding/bar mitzvah and get stuck talking only with people (read: family) you know?  How much time do you squander asking the person next to you, "Who is that?" How boring is it to start a conversation with, "Bride's side or groom's side?"*

I envision pre-printed name tags laid out (alphabetically by first name) on a table in the narthex (aka, lobby). The font would be large enough to read from an appropriate social distance, although being able to read it from the pulpit could come in handy. Maybe I should add Twitter handles? After all, a significant number of people know one another -- and met me! -- via Twitter.

Neither Dan nor I will be wearing name tags. If you don't recognize either the bride or the groom, you're probably at the wrong wedding.

* No sides at our wedding. Sit wherever and with whomever you'd like! I'll be sitting with Dan.


  1. Can I pick what to put on Rob's please?

  2. Well, Brenda, since you asked so nicely and quickly...

  3. Great idea and also the name of their favourite saint and sinner -breaks the ice nicely. :-))


  4. We did this at our wedding: no picking sides AND the name tags...which were a brilliant idea, we put on a one line "who they are in our world" (sister, brother, friend from_____) to help start conversations.

    We celebrated 19 years last week - I'm not saying it was the name tags that did it but :)

  5. I like this idea.
    A room full of people I (mostly) don't know is worse than writer's block.

  6. Meredith -- I LOVE this idea. I can't tell you how many weddings, etc. I've attended where I've known only the bride and/or groom and this would have helped. Also, affairs where the music was so loud you could not have a conversation. How soon could we leave?

  7. I understand the idea and actually think it is a good one, but I also feel there should be an "opt out" provision without any sneers since some of us, namely me, have actually lived a good part of our professional lives having to put on name tags and are now finally grateful to not have to wear them. I assure you that I have had more than enough practice walking up to total strangers and introducing myself. Is this okay?

  8. Yes, dear Sharon, there will be an "opt out" option. And of course you won't have to wear a name tag because everyone knows who YOU are. Anyway, you'll be too busy shooting pics to do much of anything else, right?


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