Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apartment Living: Soon...NOT

Loved being considered a genius, especially by gal pals, for the two apartment solution to marital harmony; learned to tolerate the laundry room.

What finally did me in was the increasingly dorm-like atmosphere of what was once considered a luxury apartment building. Unleashed dogs trashing my little patch of paradise, didn't help. Add to that, rent hikes and a mortgage lending rate of 3.5%, plus tales about great housing bargains to be found. I guess my fantasy about what a rectory might look like also got me moving about moving. 

And so, even though I -- and we -- are getting too tired and old for these maneuvers, we're currently riding the Type 6 rapids of real estate. Actually, it hasn't been that bad. We're veteran home-buyers, owners, and sellers in housing markets way weirder than this one. We're also able to articulate what probably will and what absolutely won't work for us.

For two people who crave solitude and prefer privacy, it's all about floor plan. Last week we found something to accommodate our respective quirks, the inspection is on Thursday and if all goes well, we'll close in seven weeks.