Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Putting the Sleep Saga to Rest

As if Sleep Study Round Two wasn't traumatic enough, I quickly found myself in a verbal scrum with study center's owner about the CPAP. Good thing I insisted she chillax until I consulted with the doctor who analyzed my sleep data.

It's a long story -- in Russian-accented English on her end of the phone and exasperated New Yorker on mine. I suspected I didn't really need the equipment she went ahead and ordered after I said, "Please don't order any equipment."  I told her to send it back or sell it to someone else.

And we wonder why health insurance co$t$ are nut$?

This morning I met with the sleep specialist doc who turned out to be a careful, compassionate, and competent listener. He didn't freak when I explained how I hate sunlight because it's so damn noisy; going to sleep at 2:00 or 3:00 AM is fine if I do it consistently. As if.

The CPAP? Not a treatment option. In fact, there aren't any real treatment options, something I'd already figured out.

"You've already explored and done everything we would have told you to explore and do," he said.

And we wonder why my personal triumphalism persists?