Sunday, February 10, 2013

Habemus Book Title! The Social Media Gospel: Sharing the Good News . . .

The Social Media Gospel: 
Sharing the Good News in New Ways
forthcoming July 2013*
from Liturgical Press**

How many Christians did it take to come up with this book title? Lots! But that's because I'm:
  1. deeply committed to working ecumenically, 
  2. use social media to engage with people from all denominations, and 
  3. understand the power of crowd-sourcing.
In some instances as many as three folks from these denominations opined about title options: Episcopal Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ECLA), Presbyterian Church USA, PCA Presbyterian, Roman Catholic Church, and United Methodist Church.

This note from the publisher, "Wooooo hooooo! And I love your Vatican II ecumenical process!"

Some good titles landed on the proverbial cutting room floor, but these things happen when majority rules. All glory, honor, and praise to those whose #1 choice wasn't chosen.

More to come about the book's content (e.g., excerpts) and how to pre-order. You already know that I'd love to visit your church, right? More information about what I offer at my website:

* Unless, by some miracle, the production process gets goosed.
** On my publishing bucket list for years.