Monday, February 18, 2013

Quote du Jour (Religion Department) | Ecce Catholicism Inc.

Other than my post on the day of the pope's announced resignation, I've been remarkably silent (for me) about what I'm calling the Switch Lobsters and Dance* situation at the Vatican.

Nor have I treated anyone to my thoughts about the possible correlation between @pontifex's appearance on Twitter and Pope Benedict XVI's retirement from public life. To some extent I agree with what Elizabeth Scalia has written in her post titled, Prayer and Penance: Did Twitter Hasten Benedict's Retirement. Still pondering.

Meanwhile, I keep reading what everyone else has to say. Today I stumbled across this Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by Bill Keller titled, Catholicism Inc. In it he writes about what the Roman Catholic church might learn from leaders in the secular business world. Some great suggestions and the kicker sentence is fabulous. Here's the lede:

Behold a global business in distress — incoherently managed, resistant to the modernizing forces of the Internet age, tainted by scandal and corruption. It needs to tweak its marketing, straighten out its finances, up its recruiting game and repair its battered brand. Ecce Catholicism Inc.

─  Bill Keller

* Abiding admiration for whomever gets that literary reference.