Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thinking Big About Lenten Fasting

When it comes to the Lenten practice of fasting, I tend to think big.

One year I decided to give up vengeance, a really stupid and short-lasting move since I happened to be going through a divorce at the time. The year after that, I decided to give up gossip, also absurd because I was in music ministry. I could barely make it out of choir practice and to the parking lot without sharing a few "observations" about the (other) sopranos.

When it comes to Lenten fasting, I don't bother giving up stuff like chocolate or prime time soap operas on TV. Those things don't separate me from this world, if anything they make embodiment more tolerable. I know I really need to fast from the unhealthy behavioral stuff I tend to feed upon. Much better for me to think bigger than bonbons and bacon.

Am I a paragon of self-awareness or what?

Since I admire me for this level of higher consciousness, I should probably give up arrogance. God only knows how long that will last.