Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Can't Make This Up: My Cat's Selfie

With characteristic feline sangroid, Mozart could not have cared less about Pope Francis' selfie or anyone else's selfie, for that matter. Did Mozart give a tail flip about his own selfie? Hard to tell for sure, but then he did seem fascinated by the functionality of SnapCat.* 

Yes, you read that right...SnapCat, the tag line for which is, "Photos of cats. By cats." 

Mozart sniffed and pawed the smartphone screen a few times to assert his dominance over a ping-ponging red dot, thus generating at least one image worth editing. By me, of course. Mozart was far too distracted by his own butt to bother with choosing filters or adjusting settings.

*Shout-out to Ruth (@rampracer) for introducing me to this new time suck.