Thursday, September 12, 2013

Days of Awe, 2013/5774

Days of Awe? Yamim Noraim. The 10 days between between Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur, aka, Days of Repentance; time to contemplate crap from the previous year. For those of you in 12 Step Recovery, think, "4th Step on Steroids." If you're into Ignatian spirituality, think, "Examen on Steroids." Glatt steroids, of course.

As a semi-side note, I happen to think the word "awesome" has become awesomely abused and I, for one, would like to get back to its "fear of the Lord" roots. But that's just me. Moving right along. 

This year I've been using 10Q to help me wander through this sacred time. I have my friend Jim Siegel, Director of Marketing & Communications at HealthCare Chaplaincy, to thank for this online assist. 

10Q is efficiently brilliant: "10 Days. 10 Questions." Well-crafted, simple, direct questions; nothing arch or distractedly clever. Archived so they can be revisited. Options include keeping the answer private, posting publicly openly, posting publicly anonymously:

I've opted to keep all but two of my answers private and shared two anonymously on the main site. With what did I go public? My answer to today's question about fear(s):

After realizing that my initial list include fears that were more routinized than real, I decided to get real. Turns out my top limiting fear is that of getting and staying stuck. My plan for overcoming it? Goosing my consciousness with more prayer and other spiritual practices, like writing. And possibly drinking more coffee.