Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Adventures with Health: Dental E-patient! My $5,000 Toothbrush

This toothbrush was free...
or was it?

Two (right) quadrants down, two more to go and as awful as it was, if I had the insurance coverage and/or money I'd get the left two quadrants operated on sooner rather than later. Never mind that I was flattened for days and looked like an entire obese groundhog had been stuffed into the right side of my mouth.

Having emerged from the fog I can see the surgical work is gorgeous. (I should know, since I've already had this done twice already.) Also, I'd just like to get this over with, preferably before teeth on the left side fall out of my skull. #drama

Our dental insurance provides less coverage than my pre-surgical gums and we'll probably shell out more than $5k out-of-pocket for this round, so it's unlikely I'll be going back under the perio scalpel anytime soon.

Yesterday I got the rest of the stitches removed. Healing seems to be going miraculously well and it hurts only when I succumb to rueful laughter about getting a "free" post-operation toothbrush.