Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What Now? Mixed Media Mosaics!

When and for how long I studied art and created artwork is another story for another time.* Let the record show that this, the summer of 2017, is when I came under the thrall of mixed media mosaics. 

Working with tiles, glass, beads, and assorted goodies I've collected over the years, I'm focused on creating (small) labyrinths and hamsas. Why those images? That, too, is another story for another time but these foci should come as no news to anyone who has followed me on Pinterest for years. Or visited my website. Or noticed my Facebook profile headers, at least ones posted before last November's election.

So this is what's happening now. Here are some substandard images that look better on Instagram. The mosaics will look a lot better when I reshoot them with a good camera.

5"x 5" Square

6" Circle

4.5"x 6"

* Short answer: From age seven through age 23.