Monday, December 10, 2018

Work In Progress Right Here and Now

Many changes for me within the past two years.

I seriously doubt anyone would've guessed I'd move to Albuquerque in June after visiting in May. I certainly didn't see that one coming.

As for my two most significant life changes since 2016, viz. returning to core identities as artist and Jew, those were probably predictable. By psychotherapists over the years. But maybe also by you? After all, I did write about the mosaic thing and got three posts about "Politics, Identity, and Activism" up here in May 2017.

Since then, crickets and that, too, is about to change.

Refocusing and redesigning this blog is on my list of things to do before we get too much further into 5779 and 2019 C.E. begins--in three weeks!

Meanwhile, if you have the time and inclination, here's a lengthy conversation (read: soliloquy) I had with artist and teacher, Sadelle Wiltshire for her series about Creativity and Faith:

To see what I'm up to with mixed media mosaics, visit:

To see artwork in progress plus pictures of cats and food, follow me on Instagram.

More will be revealed here but it's already pushing midnight (Mountain Time) and I've promised myself to get to sleep by 1:30am instead of 3:00am.