Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding: A Sign?!?

Being Catholic, I notice and am responsive to signs and symbols. Heck, I notice and respond to signs and symbols that are neither signs nor symbols. 

Today was supposed to be our first marriage prep session. @RevWeb dropped by circa lunch to pick up copies of our respective divorce decrees. 

We must provide copies of these documents to prove that we're free to marry. I added two annulment decrees to the pile being schlepped to the diocese.

Not even an hour later, my beloved called to say a funeral running into overtime (a concept I always find amusing) has meant postponing our session.

Sign? Symbol?? Omen???


  1. LOL :-))
    Take heart Meredith: unless a wheat grain etc etc and on a more practical level my partner although retired now was a funeral director 24/7 and I got used to death interrupting ordinary life all the time: it took a while to get used to but in the long term it probably has made me appreciate and be thankful for how sacred and important the ordinary events of life are and how quickly things can change.
    At least your husband to be will be involved in births and christenings etc etc to balance things out.

  2. So, what, was the deceased "not dead yet?" (Cue Monty Python.)

  3. Sign, symbol, omen? Nah. Just too many - guilty? - people making nice about the deceased. And what's with the "concept I *always* find amusing" talk? I mean I don't ever remember hearing about overtime funerals myself. Anyway I am so glad you have a "beloved." When is the big day?

  4. Amusing as usual. No sign, symbol, omen. Just "stuff happens."

  5. Delayed funerals are not as common as delayed weddings, but they do happen. As an organist, I played preludes for half an hour because the deceased was "late," and the mourners were restless. I also played a wedding for which the minister was an hour late -- talk about a nervous wedding couple!

    As a presider, I waited over an hour to begin a funeral at my church because of rites at the funeral home over which I had neither advance notice nor a courtesy call from the funeral director about the delay.

    So, things get bumpy in the Church -- you'll find a way to enjoy this process in spite of it all!

  6. My signs, as you well know since you were there, included a scorched forehead from a botched perm one week before my wedding, plus oil and iron burns on my wedding dress from incompetent cleaners two days before my wedding. I still say those were signs as I approach my 30th wedding anniversary!

  7. So interesting...I wasn't even thinking about the funeral being any kind of sign or symbol, just that the appointment was postponed! It's on for today. Maybe an emergency baptism will knock us off the schedule.

  8. One more time-it's a sign of leaving the old behind (death) and embracing all things new! And probably the brave priest doing your counseling needed another day to prepare for the two of you!


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