Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wedding: Music Consultation

Our one and only meeting with the Canon for Music and Worship at the Cathedral of the Incarnation was nothing like this. Thanks be to God.

by: Tallis


  1. As you know, I work at a church... This is rich!!!

    I'm just wondering how it will sound when you process in to strains of Dayenu? **snort* Always the funny one, making jokes. OY!

  2. Fran...I know! Fr. Pushover... "Call him after 11:30 pm." Too brilliant.

    Dayenu...on chairs.

  3. Wow - you will be carried in on chairs as you process. LOVE that one!

  4. Hilarious, especially the bit on the doves, loss of weight and the acne in the wedding photos:-)) I needed this- it's been a bummer of a week.

    Silent Night in June - what the heck are the objections? We all know that the dates for Christmas are all wrong anyway.


  5. Oh you can be very very very sure we won't be having any of that Unity Candle nonsense happening!

  6. Oh my . . . when they got to the opera singer on American Idol I started to laugh in a way totally incompatible with my recovery from today's surgery. Thank you for raising my spirits!

  7. I am howling and snorting with laughter. I am sure you are a much better behaved Bridezilla!


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