Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding: Planning Mode

Getting married is providing super-great blog fodder. Yay...verily! 

And getting married at this point in rapidly-moving history is providing fresh opportunities to walk my never-ending squawking about the value of social media. Thus it should come as nyet quelle surprise that online technologies will be integrated into our* upcoming nuptials.** Items of note:

1) I've claimed a hashtag on Twitter to identify wedding-related tweets and conversations. Dan came up with this homage to our previous encounters of the matrimonial kind: #3xCharm.

2) We're aiming for a paperless wedding, at least at the invitation stage; might have to break down and print a worship aide. After exploring several options, I've chosen Sendomatic for "Save the Date" e-announcements and follow-up.

3) Social media savvy friends have suggested live streaming might be a great way to accommodate those who cannot schlep to Baltimore, Maryland. Checking it out.

Wedding date? November 5 Plenty of time to write lots more about getting married at this stage of life, marriage as a public sacrament, ecumenicism on the home front, and my prayerful hope to avoid becoming Bridezilla, PhD.

* News to you? Dan Webster and I announced our engagement via Twitter, Facebook and a listserv. 

** Just so you know, the word "nuptials" gives me the giggles.


  1. I am so glad to be introduced to The Reverend Canon Daniel J. Webster! Looks like a match made in heaven, on earth, and in cyberspace. I look forward to hearing more about the upcoming nuptials (giggle!) Such happy news!

  2. Wow! Congrats to you both! And are the first engaged couple to create a nuptial hashtag?

  3. Thanks, IC! Don't know if we're the first but you gotta know I'm probably among the most evangelical about using social media to organize our wedding and then make it possible for anyone to attend.


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